HP PowerWise L600/L900/L1250 Operating Sequences

Normal operation

Normal operation on AC power is indicated by the Green light next to the sine wave symbol.

Battery backup mode

In case of an AC power failure the yellow indicator blinks (battery with +- symbols) and the audible alarm sounds every 15 seconds. Battery operation continues to supply power to the load. At approx. 20% of the remaining back-up time, the beep rate of the audible alarm and blinking rate of the yellow indicator will increase:

When this happens, you should save all open files and applications:


The system is in overload when the case the power requirement of the load is greater then the rated output of the HP PowerWise L600/L900/L1250

Here's what to expect in an overload condition.

If AC power is available, the red indicator lights next to the balance symbol and the audible alarm sounds.

When AC power is not available the indicator lights and the audible alarm sounds. In case of a problem

If the red equipment problem indicator is lit (next to the triangle with exclamation point) and the audible alarm sounds: