Like a purple shade of grey

I named my 2002 Toyota Prius Isaac. My car is a beautiful grey with a blue/purple cast. It's official color is Blue Moon Pearl. On a clear spring night, the moon has a similar hue. Ironically, I see other Prius this color about "once in a blue moon".

In the book "The Flying Sorcerers", the hero talks to the natives by way of a universal translator. Like all good machines, it does just what it's told to do.

The natives address the hero by the name "like a purple shade of grey". This puzzles our stalwart friend throughout the story. It puzzled me too.

A few years ago I re-read the book after having spent 20+ years working on computers. I realized the translator got "like a purple shade of grey" by translating the hero's name from "as a mauve" . Mauve is "a moderate purple, violet, or lilac color" according to the Webster's online dictionary.

To make it more ironic, my favorite author of all times is the late Isaac Asimov.

So now you know why my car is named Isaac.