Some pictures of our kitties

For some reason, It's easier to get pictures of the cats than it is of the kids. This may be due to the fact that the cats still live here with us, but the kids are grown.

Joey was born April 1988 in Pleasanton, California. He's our own little drain bamaged kitty. Really! He walks like a show horse, high stepping all the way. He's about as spoiled as can be.

His lack of coordination is caused by brain damage before birth. He doesn't balance well, and misses whatever he jumps at. He even misses the couch when he tries to jump up on it.

We won't tell him that he's abnormal. He gets along just fine. This picture shows him when he's imitating a normal cat.

He passed peacefully March 10, 2006. He'll be missed. A lot.

Samantha (Sammy for short) is a normal cat (for a princess, that is). She rules the house with a velvet paw. This picture shows her in her normal habitat: my lap. Yes, It's quite hard to type up this web page while she's sitting there. She's so agile that I don't even notice that she's jumped back up in may lap. She passed feb, 21, 2007 from kidney failure. Another little void is left in my world.

Here's a better picture of her.

Bandit is a Russian Blue. He adopted us 4 or 5 years ago. He was living in our backyard when Donna decided he needed to be inside, sheltered from the weather. His name is short for "Birdie Bandit". He earned that moniker when we discovered that he was while living on our porch he was eating the birds that came to feast at our bird feeders.

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Sam Bandit and Joey have their own e-mail; Donna reads it to them.