Some pictures of our youngest son

This is Brian, our youngest. He was born in Salinas, California. His interests include wolves, photography and growing things.

Here are some old pictures (as of 4/10/98). Click on the appropriate image to see the full size jpegs.

  1. Brian at a friend's home in Alabama.

    Like the rest of the family, He's a soft touch for animals. He had 3 adult dogs and 7 puppies living with him as of Jan 1 of 1999. I don't know how many he has now.

  2. Brian relaxing while visiting at our house. He's looking at our cat Sammy, who took to him as if he lived here. She must have instinctively known that he was part of the family. Normally she runs from any strangers.
  3. A more recent picture, capturing his persona much better. I like this picture.

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