Some pictures of our oldest son

Aaron was born in Salinas California. He likes wolves, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and video games. And cats. After all, he's a Suthers and we like cats.

He's also a bit of a gadget enthusiast himself. He couldn't wait to get his own computer, and when he did get it, he couldn't wait to upgrade to a faster CPU. Twice. Then again. I've lost track. Donna says that he's quite a bit like me. (good!)

You can probably find Aaron online if you look around for Unreal Tournament web sites. He's really into the game and is webmaster for one of the support sites.

These pictures were taken 4/12/98. Click on the appropriate image to see the full size jpegs. One of these days I'll find those embarrassing baby pictures and digitize them.

  1. Aaron on the phone (closeup)
  2. Aaron on the phone (normal)
  3. Aaron and Joey
  4. Aaron objecting to this process

These pictures were taken in 1999.

  1. Donna and Aaron just hanging out.

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