A little about our familes
in progress as of Jun, 2006

I was born in Silicon Valley a loooooong time ago. I was the third of four boys. My oldest brother, Gary, lives with his wife Pam in Arizona. Ron, the next oldest, and his wife Monica raised their family on the central coast of California and in the Pacific Northwest. My younger brother, Jeff, moved around quite a bit, finally settling down in northern California.

My mom looks like she's still in her fifties. My dad has aged gracefully over the years. I hope to do as well as either of them as I age.

I wish I had pictures of all the ones I love. I wish I could talk about them at great lengths, tell their life stories, talk about whay they are so special. Unfortunately the specter of identity theft has made most of them ask that I not do that.

So instead, here are some pictures of some of the people I love. If you ask, I'll gladly tell you all about the circumstances that surround each picture. If you click on the thumbmail you get the bigger picture.

The boys

My Father

Dad and Stepmom

Donna and I

Mom and Stepdad

After the wedding


Connor on valentine's day

Jenny and Casey

Shauna and Connor

Aaron and Connor

Jessi at Easter


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